About ViraxImmune™

The goal of ViraxImmune™ is to provide early diagnosis for post viral syndromes and indications associated with chronic inflammation and T-cell exhaustion to enable early treatment interventions.

In order to achieve this, ViraxImmune™ is developing an adaptable test that is intended to detect the body’s adaptive immune response to a range of infections and other conditions associated with chronic inflammation. The platform is built around peptide pools designed to activate memory T-cells and measuring the cytokine release profile specific to the infection. The platform is not restricted to a single disease or condition allowing the platform to address a wide range of research and diagnostic needs within indications associated with chronic inflammation and T cell exhaustion including post viral syndromes.

Unlike existing technologies that confine cytokine assessment to a limited range, ViraxImmune will offer an expanded panel, while relying on the established FluoroSpot detection method. The panel will include combinations of cytokines associated with T cell exhaustion and chronic fatigue such as IL-2, IL-6, IL-1β, IFN-γ, and TNF-α which will be available initially for research use only (RUO) prior to IVD approval. Additionally, this platform is able to observe the activation of a variety of different cells involved in the immune response beyond just T-cells providing unparalleled insights into complex diseases and infections, delivering a potential level of information unmatched by competitors.